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Our Friendly and Committed Consultants are equipped with essential experience. Closely selecting and matching a ideal foreign domestic worker to your family's needs from our wide range of biodata . Paying strong attention towards after sales services such as prompt worker arrival , counselling and backup service. We like to ensure both employer and worker have a harmonious relationship. If problems do exist, the matter be resolved immediately to maintain a better working relationship and happier home environment. Customer service and handling complaints are crucial in our operations. We are the best people who can assist. We are dealing with human beings and believe in making every effort for staff to be trained in handling our foreign domestic workers. Be sensitive and show concern to them.

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Recruitment consultant Mr Stephen Chia has more than 23 years of experience in the foreign domestic worker industry. Frequently interviewed on Channel NewsAsia and Channel 5.  He travels to Indonesia/Philippines regularly to monitor training centre operations and training progress of each foreign domestic worker. Personally interviewing and selecting each foreign domestic worker. Being pioneers in the industry, he recognizes the importance of providing excellence in foreign domestic worker training and selection . He takes pride of our reputation of total customer satisfaction , warm after sales service and providing job opportunities for our foreign domestic workers.  Consultants are guided by him to specially care and handle our foreign domestic workers.  Taking every effort to ensure both employer and foreign domestic worker enjoy a harmonious relationship,


Our selection criteria includes training performance , feedback gathered from trainers and practical examinations. Also their seriousness and enthusiasm in their jobs , level of discipline , mannerism and previous employment records overseas if any. Through personal interaction, Mr Stephen Chia is able to asses the strengths and the duties the foreign domestic worker would excel in. Selecting only the best for Singapore deployment while others are sent to work in Malaysia to gain 2 years of experience. Biodata information is strictly verified for accuracy such as age , height and weight.