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1st Time Applying For A Foreign Domestic Worker?

Come down to our offices and we will select a worker closely suited for your family from our large range of biodata & VCD viewing.  With our more than 10 years of experience and a good reputation, you can trust us to select your ideal worker. Our deluxe package provides a complete coverage of maid services.

$100 Foreign Domestic Worker ?

At tough times like this, one will definitely think of cutting expenses , but whatever you do, think wisely. Do not compromise for anything less for your family. Your Family Deserves the very Best. Have you ever thought of why an agency would give you a worker at such a low price?

Maid Request Form

Not enough time to visit our offices and take time view the large of biodata? We will do the job for you . Just fill in this form and trust us to select your ideal worker closely suited to your requirements based on our experience. We will inform you immediately about the selected worker biodata.

Renewal of Work Permit

Hoping to extend your maid's contract for another 2 years ? Use our easy online work permit renewal service or contact us now. AUK provides this complete service at the cheapest cost.  You should provide us the maid's passport and work permit at least 7days before the date for expiry.

Home leave processing

Documentation for home leave processing must be done , or your maid may not be able to return to Singapore from her home country. AUK is full accredited to process documents at various embassies..

6th Monthly Medical

It is required by law for each maid to pass the 6th monthly medical and be medically fit to work . We would arrange for this complete service to suit your preferred choice of time and pickup location for your maid. The maid's work permit and 6th monthly medical letter from the Ministry of Manpower is needed for the medical test.


Is your maid's contract expiring soon but do not have time to send her to the airport? We can package this complete service for cancellation of work permit and booking of airtickets for you without any hassle. You can get maid air tickets from us at the lowest cost. Upon cancellation of the maid's work permit , she has to return to her home country within 7days.

$5000 Protection Bond

With the Re-imbursement of Indemnity Policy even in the event should your maid be missing, you maximum liability will be limited to$250 only.  

Ministry of Manpower Guidelines ( Redirected to MOM Website )