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Baby Care Lesson

Aged Care Lesson

We employ full time qualified and experienced nurses to impart proper knowledge and skills to handle your loved onces. We know the importance of handling as well as caring for new born, aged and invalids. We specially pick & train foreign domestic workers to excel in their own strength and to suit your family's needs. We emphasise that the worker must fully comprehend and be able to apply the skills they have learned correctly using practical tests by our trainers.

Food Preparation

Let our AUK Foreign domestic workers do the cooking while you spend quality time with your children. Each worker undergo hands-on cooking lessons guided by our Experienced Cooking Teachers to gain both knowledge and experience. We equipped them with a variety of cooking utensils and commonly used spices & sauces in Singapore. A large variety of Singapore Dishes are imparted to each FDW. We provide Translated versions of cooking books , cooking videos in various languages for easy reference and learning.